Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day in the Life of a New Yorker...well this one!

I don't live the typical life of a New Yorker, but I will soon. I did however want to explain a few things you can encounter as a daily resident of New York. First, everything is more expensive. I needed lotion so I ran down to a corner market to buy a bottle of Jergens and it was three or four dollars more than what I would pay at Smiths in Utah.

Second, the wonderful flexibility of running out your front door, jumping into your own car, and driving to your next destination is far far away from here. You have to wait for the elevator, walk to your street corner and either you can try and catch a cab, walk to the nearest subway station to catch a train and make the necessary connections, or you can walk. Personally I have decided that while the weather is good I am going to try and walk as much as I can. This presents its own disadvantages including planning all the extra time to walk to where you need to be, packing your heels and wearing flats or enduring the blisters, and just plain making the walk. The other day Andi and I did a little bit of everything, we took the subway and got lost, tried to reverse the damage by walking, and contemplated taking a taxi to solve the problem. The big sister that I am figured out the subway and we made it home safe and sound. Actually we found our way to one of New York Citys famous little burger joints, The Shake Shack. It is absolutely a stop to make when you all come to visit us!!

For the most part everything about living here in the city has been incredible, especially the church. Whether it is the singles ward or the family, they are equally as incredible. The members are friendly and very helpful especially with job networking, and they are truly committed to spreading the gospel and magnifying their responsibility as missionaries.

Next...The FOOD IS AMAZING!!!!!! Anything you wish to eat is within walking distance and the options are endless. There are at least 4 or 5 places to get frozen yogurt within one city block. It is unreal, I will never go hungry here but it is impossible to get fat because I am walking constantly. Which brings me to my next point, New York is fitness obsessed. Everyone walks, I go for a run every day in central park and it is SOOOO CROWDED with runners, there are 5 gyms within walking distance not including the gym in my apartment with the most amazing treadmill ever, and every menu has healthy options and lite sections to order from. These people are nuts!!! While at the shake shack we noticed their fries are 25% less fat than other fries, it was awesome! However, half of New York City smokes so it sort of defeats the purpose of their exercise craze. I will admit I have been bitten by the fitness bug hopefully you notice a difference when you come to see me, have I made it clear? I WANT YA'LL to come and visit!

All in all I am adapting to the lifestyle well, people move fast here, they are always in a hurry and I feel I have always been the same way. I am really excited about what the next few months will bring and hope that it includes, a job, a few Broadway shows, designer shoes, and a beautiful man!!!! ha ha ha ha jk on the last part, I am loving being single in the big city; however, it is not out of the question.

Love you all, oh and COME AND VISIT!!!!!!

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  1. Kendyl, you are awesome! I envy you! If I would have had the guts when I was younger to move to NY I would have done it in a heartbeat...I am excited to read about your new adventure! You are awesome & I'm glad I know you...even though we don't know each other very well! LOL This is Natalie Murray btw!